We live in a thriving community filled with wonderful people, safe neighborhoods, fantastic amenities and dedicated public servants. We need to keep Rochester Hills on this path by focusing on the following:


Public safety, quality of life, and fiscal responsibility are the cornerstones of my focus as I work to represent the residents of this amazing city. I will continue to follow this path in order to keep Rochester Hills as a preeminent place to live, work, and raise our families as your representative on City Council.

Public Safety: 

The city of Rochester Hills has been named the safest small city in America for 2019, according to a report from Front Point Security. We need to continue to strive for this rating each year by looking for innovative and creative ways to keep the residents safe, such as continuously evaluating the effectiveness of police and fire services. We need to provide the equipment, training, and resources necessary to the people who serve our community in order maintain the safety of our residents.

Quality of Life:

The city of Rochester Hills is a beautiful and vibrant city.  We must maintain this by continuing to attract and retain businesses in high-growth sectors. Working to drive up property values and keep our unemployment low are also high priorities, as well as continuing to invest in the things our residents love, like our green spaces, parks, and trails.

Fiscal Responsibility: 

Balanced budgeting and capital improvement planning for the future through conservative financial stewardship is important to continue to build fund balance.  We need to work to find ways to reduce expenses by collaborating with local stakeholders to secure private funding as well as available grants in order to continuously invest in our infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and water/sewer systems as well as our parks and green space.