Proven Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

My name is David Walker and I have been a resident of Rochester Hills since 1987. My wife Kelly and I have one daughter, Samantha. I am a REALTOR with Brookview Realty located in downtown Rochester. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walsh College.

I was appointed to the Rochester Hills City Council in December 2018, representing all the residents as an At-Large Council Member. I also serve on the board of directors for the Older Person Commission (OPC), the Rochester/Auburn Hills Community Coalition, Liquor License Technical Review Committee, and the Sister City Committee with Rochester, as well as the Southeastern Oakland County resource Recovery Authority, the Water System Advisory Council and the Paint Creek Trailways Commission.

Prior to my appointment to City Council, I served on the Rochester Regional Chamber Board of Directors for eight years and was Chair of that Board in 2016. I am currently a member of the Rochester Regional Chamber Foundation Board. I am also a graduate of the Greater Rochester Leadership program and a Rotarian with the Rochester Rotary.

I am on City Council in order to make a contribution to this amazing community. The Greater Rochester Leadership program opened my eyes to the community that I lived in and challenged me to get involved. The program’s goal is to help develop the skills of emerging leaders from across the community and provides participants with an opportunity to meet local elected officials and community leaders to gain insight into the region’s unique history, activities, and economy.  The nine-month program was a gateway to involvement and making connections in the greater Rochester communities.

To the position of City Council, I will bring firsthand knowledge of business and residential areas. I want to ensure that the lifestyle this area has to offer is protected, maintained, and enhanced through my hard work and resolute commitment. I want to encourage responsible development of the limited resource of available land and to preserve and expand green space, parks, paths, trails, and natural area throughout the city. I will encourage fiscal responsibility with the budget, providing oversight and direction to make sure we are spending our dollars wisely. Responsible development, preserving and enhancing green space, and maintaining fiscal responsibility are the reasons I am on city council.

As real estate agent, I have the privilege of seeing the community through the eyes of the new and existing residents who choose to live here over other areas. Working and interacting with those residents allows me to understand what they like and dislike about the city. I also travel through the entire city of Rochester Hills into and out of almost every neighborhood, and I am able to see the city and work with the residents on a daily basis. This unique opportunity allows me to represent those individuals with greater insight.

Additionally, diplomacy and contract negotiations are valuable skills that are part of my day to day activities and interactions with the clients as I help them navigate the buying and selling of their homes. These skills are also beneficial as a council member.

As a member of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador, and a former board member, I am often asked to facilitate Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for new and existing businesses in the city. This affords me the opportunity to interact with businesses—their owners and employees—in the community and experience firsthand knowledge of why they chose Rochester Hills. In order to maintain a healthy city, we must encourage and support a healthy environment for business. Understanding this need and working with those businesses allows me a valuable base of knowledge to help support this healthy environment.